This is the new project of two venture analysts            Artem Galchenko and Alexander KorablevTogether we are widely involved in VC activities across Europe and Israel and looking for prospective early stage tech startups in Europe shaped by six pillars: FinTech, AI, EduTech, Travel, Media and Beauty.

We are working with a number of UK and Russia-based major accelerators and international venture funds to finance and develop the brightest ideas and companies. If you have a project, startup deck or just want to share your thoughts, please do not hesitate to contact Artem at artem.galchenko@venturesinsider.com or Alexander at alexander@venturesinsider.com. We will be happy to hear from you and discuss biz dev!


We have started to write this blog in 2017 to share our thoughts on tech VC industry and to fight boredom during a free time. Since then we have been continuously working on Ventures Insider and started some new columns – weekly newspaper, VC good reads and reports, where we uncover insights and do some analytics on tech investments. We are working on our project to cultivate it into a viable media resource, so everyone involved into veture activities could refer to our posts during coffee breaks and lunches.