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Tech Trends That You Should Know About in 2018

Today I would like to share with you not one, but three brilliant researches on tech trends to shoot in 2018. Lucky day, not less! Bright analysts at Deloitte, Future Today Institute and Silicon Valley Bank cover the most important developments in tech field, share ideas on future of AI, VR, AR, Big Data, Machine

Women in UK Venture Capital 2017

The hottest topic of past years was the women business integration. Women are rapidly gaining influence in business world, specifically in Venture Capital, where men historically created game rules. Nowadays the landscape of decision makers who are helping create the companies, jobs, cultures and products of the future is changing. The perpose of this report is

15 Trends Shaping Tech In 2018

Holograms to be created within Augmented Reality. The race to become an AI powerhouse is under way. Cybersecurity is focusing on individuals. And pets are becoming tech-enabled. We look at the trends poised to reshape industries in 2018. The analysts at CB Insights have pointed out the trends that the analysts believe will define the