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Bitcoin Rollercoaster – March 5

    Hi there, dear reader. Probably you have noticed that we were quiet for a while. Its been a tough month, but we are still on track and hope to bring some fresh insights from the industry. In the meantime we did not observe large tech deals of startup financing, though there were quite

Do female founders get better results? – January 30

  Hi there, dear reader. We already have some news from the year 2018 of VC financing to share with you in our Industry Review column and as usual  lots of new financing rounds, as well as a two new funds from industry leaders aiming to conquer the market niche. A hint – there are

Leaders vs. Followers: Can VC Investors Spot The Next Big Thing?

Jason D. Rowley, a venture capital and technology reporter writting for Crunchbase, analyzes how tech trends influence decision making of VC investors. The question is how to be ahead of trends, how to spot the technology to be on fire soon? Seeking for the answer to this question Jason investigates four pillars of modern tech landscape

The Unicorn Hedge, 500 Startups

Dave McClure, an angel investor and a founder of 500 Startups, discusses why CEOs of heavy public companies think about purchasing unicorn startups (even if they are highly overvalued) and why such deals finally happen. The answer is more than simple: this is probably the easiest way to stay on board and to continue operating