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Leaders vs. Followers: Can VC Investors Spot The Next Big Thing?

Jason D. Rowley, a venture capital and technology reporter writting for Crunchbase, analyzes how tech trends influence decision making of VC investors. The question is how to be ahead of trends, how to spot the technology to be on fire soon? Seeking for the answer to this question Jason investigates four pillars of modern tech landscape

Women in UK Venture Capital 2017

The hottest topic of past years was the women business integration. Women are rapidly gaining influence in business world, specifically in Venture Capital, where men historically created game rules. Nowadays the landscape of decision makers who are helping create the companies, jobs, cultures and products of the future is changing. The perpose of this report is

Bloodflow of Returns – January 15

  Hi there, dear reader. In the corresponding fresh issue of Ventures Insider you are going to find interesting readings from VC world, as well as an exciting and motivating story of Barbara Corcoran. As usual we will go through the funding activities during the past week and look at new funds originated. Therefore, without

Formula for the VC universe – January 8

    Hi there, dear reader. The markets are just waking up from holidays, so we do not expect lots of announcements to be made and deals to be closed, eventhough twe have some news to share from AI and FinTech fields. Besides, check some readings and opinions from VC analysts to start the new

Early stage slump and new players in field – December 11

  Hi there, dear reader. This week issue is focused more on VC funds prospective, here you can find some news from the inside of industry, latest investments, and new appiontments and recently originated VC funds all across Europe. Hope you will enjoy it. More news are coming! – Artem and Alexander   Industry news On